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A simple novice artist, learning to improve his art skills. I know my artworks are bit below to anyone else here, but I believe I can reach my full potential. I am not ashamed that my works are totally H- based, it is where I got the energy to go forward.

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I am Open for Commissions!!!

Posted by bmesias063 - April 20th, 2018


Thank you again for faving my artworks. It's a great gratitude to know that other poeple love to see my illustrations, despite that I'm new to this site. You made the right thing in adding me to your watchlist, because I will continue to offer you further hentai contents that you will surely love.


I would like to annouce that I am open for art commissions! I can draw your requested anime/cartoon/other characters in anime style, depending on the type of scenario you want to portray on your commissions! Starting today, I'll draw your request for a prize of 15$ per artwork for lineart, 30$-50$ for colored. Doesn't matter how many are involved inside the artpiece - the prize will remain the same as of  the moment.


I can only draw characters in anime form.That's all I can offer for your commissions. I suggest that you visit my profile page to see what my art style was before commissioning me. But I can guarantee that my art skills are improving for the better.

For the record, I accept any known fetishes (straight, humiliation, bondage, beastiality, group sex, yuri, etc). But no to furries, yaoi, and gore.  So if the things above sound acceptable and you decide to commission me feel free to send your idea so that I can confirm it.

I would much appreciate if you will provide me a visual for your requested commissions (such as a short story of the commissioned piece {if there's any}, type of background scene, desired pose of the characters, etc). This helps me a lot in the drawing process, as I can accurately draw your requested artwork that would suit your liking. But if you can't give any visual in mind, there's no need to worry - I'll do my best to draw it anyway that will suit your liking.


I will let you see the pre-approve a layout sketch before I begin coloring them to be sure you are getting what you want. I reserve two weeks to finish your request, but generally it only takes me two or four days (actually depends on my availablility - I had other jobs that demand time as well). My normal queue wait time is about 10 days before I would start something if you decided to commission me.  Credit is due to the one who commissioned the art unless you don't want not to be revealed.

A sample will be given to you once your requested artwork is finished. The hi-res, furnished product will be given after. Payment will be done through paypal. 

As to where to post the furnished artwork, the rights goes to the one who requested the commission. Otherwise prompted by the one who commissioned, I cannot post your full-sized art request in my profile. but I might post a scaled image (for commercial purposes) upon your approval. A link to your profile will be done in order for those viewers to access the full-sized commission.

I also do occasional requests if my commission schedule isn't booked.  So even if you can or do not want to pay for a commission it might still be worth it to drop me a line with an idea.  Obviously I make no promises in regards to requests as paying work takes priority, but I try to fit them in where I can as its also fun for me to see/share peoples ideas and situations.

So, feel free to tap me if you like to, and enjoy the artworks being made.

You can visit me in other websites:

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/billymesh063

Hentai-Foundry: https://www.hentai-foundry.com/user/billymesh063/profile

E-Hentai Forums: find me there as ***superrookiescookie*** at https://forums.e-hentai.org/index.php?showtopic=215646






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Keep at it pal!

Feel free to commission me if you like!;)