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A simple novice artist, learning to improve his art skills. I know my artworks are bit below to anyone else here, but I believe I can reach my full potential. I am not ashamed that my works are totally H- based, it is where I got the energy to go forward.


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Plans to Start a Monthly Poll (starting this April)

Posted by bmesias063 - March 25th, 2019

Hi to all!

I'm sorry for being out in a month! I've been busy in my personal life lately (job-life and illness) and unable to update any content for my site. But now things starting to get better. In fact a new stuff is coming soon!!!

Seeing that other artists are doing a poll, I decided to run one myself. I know I got a few friends and decent number of followers but despite that I am willing to please those people that I have in my profile. Yes, I am starting a Poll System in my site! The winner female anime character will be drawn in hentai fashion...yummy!!!

As of the moment, I am gathering ideas from my patrons and friends as to the anime characters used in this poll. I need 5 characters from their liking and after March 30, I'll decided which will be part of the poll. 

Once the list of characters are now set, I will commence the poll in the first week of April. The poll will not only be posted here in Newgrounds, but also on my other profiles in Hentai-Foundry, Patreon, and Pixiv.  The poll will last for a week, and the winner character will be drawn right away and be available for the month of April! Sounds good!?  

As to the "predicament" of the anime character will be decided based on feedback and comments. If you had something "sexually-nasty" in mind, you can share it and leave a message in the poll's comments. Be sure to leave a comment, you're ideas will certainly help a lot for our dear female anime character, heheheh!!!

What's more, the drawn anime character will be accessible to all! Of course, my patrons will receive better, hi-res, more detailed artworks/ and packages.

The success of this poll will be my driving force to make similar contents every month. I urge everyone to participate. Also feel free to leave a message of your thoughts and suggestions to improve my account.

Thank you very much  for the continued support in my account.


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I can't wait!! I am so excited! How long have you had a patreon account?!
The Godfather of Hentai has been all over the internet as of late and his biggest fan did not know he had a patreon account, he would have been sending you money a long time ago. lol

Heheheh! Really?! You have one?! Never really know that before!

Sure if you can support me there it will be my greatest gratitude. By the way, I've been a year old patreon user. The problem is that I'm not that active during those days/months, not even paying much special attention to develop that account. So did my account here in Newgrounds, as you can see, I becoming dormant in the recent months here. But recently I just got my interest back in patreon, newgrounds, and my other profiles, planning it to make it lively as much as I could.

Here is my patreon account: https://www.patreon.com/billymesh063
Hoping your support there.